Friday, June 09, 2006

Justify this

Tragically, a nine year-old boy paid the price for a lax immigration policy earlier this week in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on Monday night. Santos Cabrera, a 21-year-old illegal immigrant from Honduras, leapt from a car after Jordin said that the cars tire looked like it was going to fall off. He proceeded to yell at the little boy before using an ax to kill the child.
Cabrera was later shot to death by police after he attempted broke an officers arm by throwing a tire and then coming after the fallen officer with a metal pipe. The real kicker is late last month Cabrera was arrested after he was caught with a stolen vehicle. He was released after a brief stay in prison. Why wasn’t an illegal immigrant removed from the country after he had broken the law? This is because there is no law as of yet that requires an individual to provide proof of legal status in the United States; hence, this criminal was able to stay, steal another vehicle which transported him to this apartment complex, where he planted an axe in the head of an innocent 9-year-old boy.
Pundits who espouse the ideology of illegal aliens (oops, allow me to be PC: undocumented immigrants) as individuals who are upstanding people who just want a better life are making an overarching assumption that is erroneous from its genesis: upstanding individuals don’t participate in illegal activities. This holds true to the illegal immigrants and to those who knowingly employee them; but the line is continually blurred, with those who seek to enforce the laws of the land as racist or elitist who hold the little man down. But this isn’t about race; it isn’t about classes/subclasses. It’s about letting people into this country who are honest and forthright; there is no honesty or forthrightness about being illegal. And that is dangerous
Just ask Jordin.