Friday, August 18, 2006

They say it's your birthday...

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to siblings Amy and Dave Cashman. Yesterday was Dave’s birthday and today is Amy’s, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDS!! This dynamic duo are awesome. I’ve mentioned them before, as has Paula on her blog. You couldn’t ask for better friends: they are always on the lookout for something to do to make your life easier. Dave gave me a sweet football for my birthday; Amy let us crash at her place after the breakin. More than once has Dave or Amy have picked up a tab when we go out to grab some grub; basically, they are just good people. I'm lucky to have such friends. Straight up.

Left: Dave with Paula at Longhorns.

Right: Amy with Jesse. Not 'with' with, just sittin on the same side of the table.


Anonymous said...

For the love of everything good and holy, take that picture down NOW!!!! ergggggghhhhhh! It's heinous! But i love you!

Anonymous said...

so does that mean that dave was "with" paula since they didn't get the "not with, but sitting with" disclaimer?