Friday, May 25, 2007

What the....

I just saw something that made me shake my head.

I was checking my gmail account just moment ago; anyone who has gmail might have realized that they advertised based on the subject lines of your emails. So when I get emails about church stuff, there is advertising for LDS paraphernalia; when I get something from Vanguard or ING Direct, I get investment get the idea.
Anyway, I don't have anything new so I'm about to close out when I notice a link at the top of the page to some random website. I do a double take.
(My entire inbox is there so you can see the subject lines. It makes this even more ridiculous.)

Wow. Just one of those things you don't expect and wish you never saw - like the girl who went snowboarding with us to Kelly Canyon one night and on the way back, there's Zach's bare backside sticking out the window of the other car in our caravan.
But, just like an awful train wreck or Zach's pasty white behind, one can't help but look. I don't know how some people come up with these ideas, much less make a profit.


Ms. Roberts said...

Two words: sa-weet. I want a p-mate.

Shantay said...

Logan, I was browsing previous posts of your blog, you know just to kill some time, looking for a good laugh, and WHAMO I found it, (a good laugh that is) -it was titled: Archie "Slam" Ames and Zach "Cack" Shoemaker. How I have never read this post before, baffles me, but I just read it, and laughed out loud for a good 45 seconds. Thanks for the laugh Logan, we sure miss you around here.