Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cyber Commorancy Exclusive!

This is an exclusive for the viewers of my blog.

I know most folks will be looking at Paula's page for some pics and that her page will be the one filled with Lydia in the future, so I thought I'd give you faithful readers of Cyber Commorency a sneak peek. (Look quickly because once Paula finds out I haven't put any pics on her blog I'll be in trouble.)

Yesterday afternoon at 1:23pm, Lydia Roberts came into the world weighing 7 lbs. 15 oz.; she measured 19 inches and is sporting a full head of dark hair. I think she is gorgeous, though I am admittedly bias. But she has no bruising or smashed nose, is quiet as can be and loves sleep more than food.

Paula is recovering well. Though I loved her before Lydia, I love her even more now after seeing what she went through - what she was willing to go through - to bring our daughter into this world.

Anyway, I'll be sure to post with some deep and profound thoughts that will forever alter the view of childbirth in the 21st century (tongue firmly implanted in cheek) later on after I've had a chance to digest everything. But wisdom later, pics now

Immediately after Lydia was born - like 2 minutes. I was running around with a camera in one hand and blood on the other from the umbilical chord. It was a mad scene.

Grandma Kilgore with little Lydia. Paul and Julia came by about 1/2 hour before Lydia was born, so they were back in the room an hour later (Paula only pushed for maybe 15 minutes.)

Here I am. I'm going with the severe head tilt and look a bit like an idiot. Oh well. If you know me, I'm not one to get all excited and giddy (we all know my view on the over use of exclamation points) but I was running around like a decapitated chicken. What do you do?

Here's Lydia (right) with her cousin Juliana (left, obviously) a couple hours after the birth. Lydia was due on the 9th, Juliana the twenty....third? or twenty-second? but came last week on the 10th. They're almost the exact same size (L=7 15, 19in;J=8, 18in) with almost the same birthday. Weird, wild stuff.

Here's Paula this morning, about 17 hours after the birth of the little one. Like I said, Paula has become one of the people I most admire after seeing what she did. Incredible. They're a good looking pair. Heckagood looking.


Amy Cashman Baker said...

GORGEOUS!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!Can't wait for her to meet her "auntie amy"!
I'm so excited for y'all!
I love exclamation marks!!!

Mrs. B said...

I'm so happy everything went well. Mark said you sounded like you had the worlds biggest grin on your face, when he talked to you yesterday!

Mama Miriam said...

Ah, the Plan of Salvation at work in the Logan and Paula Roberts household. I love it. What a beautiful little granddaughter I have.

(My Seminary kids said I looked different today, thought it was a new haircut. I told them that it was that I'm now a grandma to a granddaughter.)

Lindsay said...

Congratulations Papa Logan. We are in love with Lydia. She is so beautiful, and SO chunky. Adorable. We are so excited for you guys-you look like you're doing great. (and Log- you look even thinner than at the it the camera angle, or is this the real deal? Regardless-you look great.)

William said...


Shayleen Lunt said...

Congratulations again. You have a beautiful daughter and a beautiful wife. Be sure to tell them that everyday!