Sunday, March 07, 2010

Daddy Day Care, pt 2

Day 2 our Father/Daughter weekend actually started on Day 1. Lydia’s entering the phase of mid-night wake-ups; she woke at 11:30 and again at 4:30, and each time dad ended up being mean and making her go back to bed. This didn’t work too well for me, since I was up til sometime between the hours mentioned afore mentioned associating w/ some friends via the internet. Fortunately it was Saturday and those are made for cartoons; and cartoons for Lydia translate to naps for Dad and I was able to eek out another hour or so of sleep.

I’ve been trying for a couple weeks to get a haircut at a particular place because they did a great job last time, so Lydia and I set out again to get dad a mop chop. In order to assure myself of one, we were out the door before 10, but even with showing up 15 minutes after they opened there wasn’t room for us until the afternoon. So, being in the haircut mood, we went and got Lydia a haircut.

The ladies at the haircut place said I was bold getting Lydia her first haircut while Mom was out of town. I didn’t think so, but maybe I was. We’ll find out when she gets back. Anyway, it wasn’t that big of a deal and Lydia did a good job once she was given a Dum-Dum. We even got a certificate commemorating the occasion and some of her hair in a little bag. Lydia convinced me that this weekend was a rare occurrence and we should make the most of it by doing some shopping. So we hit up the store and Lydia became the proud new owner of a shirt, a pink, black and white Adidas soccer ball, an accessory for her bedroom and a Disney princess playhouse – evidently she’s very persuasive.

I then convinced her to branch out and enjoy some new kind of food, so we hit up the Philly Connection for a cheese steak. She was particularly fond of the French fries…actually she was fond of the ketchup. It turns out the fries were nothing more than a utensil and once they were gone she finished up with her fingers.

Following some nap time for everyone, we had to return to the store to pickup a gift en route to a birthday party. It was a pretty big gamble, having Dad pickup an item of clothing for a one year old girl, but I managed to hit it out of the park. I seriously misjudged the amount of time it would take us to go buy the gift and get to our destination, so we had an hour to kill. Luckily, the newly acquired soccer ball was still in the car, so we found a park; Lydia’s Hispanic origins shown through as she demonstrated some mad skills dribbling the futbol around the field. We worked up a nice sweat and then hit up the party.

Lydia enjoyed the ‘glamour room’ at the Sorensen’s, leaving with a makeover and some purple fingernails before all was said and done. I’ve learned a thing or two from watching Paula run this ship and I had brought a change of pajamas, so by the time we hit the road for home, Lydia was ready for bed and she was zonked out by the time we hit Sugarloaf Parkway.

It was a really good day – no crying, yelling or temper tantrums, even with a broken night of sleep – and I was proud of the way Lydia behaved, too.

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Mormon Mama said...

You are a Great Dad and an Awesome Writer.