Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here’s a random mess of thoughts from my mind. Proceed with caution.

Poll, not pole: My site has been visited 96 times since I posted the Republic vs Democracy question, but only 10 people have done anything with the poll, which closes at the end of the day. There are probably several double hits in that number (maybe even triple?), so we’ll say maybe 50 unique visitors in the past week, making it a fifth who have an opinion on the matter. I think it is an accurate representation of how people:

  1. Don’t have a basic knowledge of government
  2. Don’t care about government
  3. Think government is stewpud.

And I think all three reasons are why we let the government do pretty much whatever it wants with very little accountability.
Anyway, once the results are tallied, I’ll post my opinion. Dave made a very informed comment, so if you have any questions read it.

Tasteless: I surprised Paula with a trip to the outlet malls on Saturday; apparently we overpaid Countrywide and got a check in the mail, so it was a guilt free shopping day for her and stress free one for me. I like those days. Melissa, having been abandoned by her entire family for the weekend, volunteered to take Lydia so major thanks and kudos to her.
Before we left the shopping smorgasbord, I decided to grab a snack at this place called Harry and David for the drive home. I decided on some Wasabi Peas. They were delicious and hot, which was exactly what I was going for; unfortunately there were some negative side effects.
First, they were addicting so I overindulged, which in part led to the second and more damning (literally, not just looking for a reason to curse) consequence: My taste buds are done. Seriously. Sunday I had absolutely no taste – coffee cake for breakfast, bread, apricot chicken, spearmint gum – none of it did a thing. Monday, same story different day; yesterday I began to get a little taste back at the tip and very back of my tongue. Everything is tasteless. I feel like Kramer in the Seinfeld episode with the Mackinaw peaches after he spends time in the fumigated apartment. An excellent diet tool, yes; a miserable existence, for sure.

Harvard: It was the Nerf’s birthday last week, so happy birthday. Speaking of which, he was accepted to Harvard Law School for the Fall 2008 semester, which is pretty awesome. I believe he’s going to try and defer a year to save up some money but that is quite the accomplishment. I’d venture to say not too many kids from Wyoming have ever gone to Harvard Law, but he will. This is a big deal and since no one else has let the world know, I figured I would.

What up, Holmes?: Disclaimer: In no way do I hold a candle – nay, not even a match – to Natalie’s blog-sleuthing skills. In fact (I’ll probably have my site shutdown for revealing this, but such is the price of freedom) she was recently contacted by the Pentagon because she found Osama bin Laden via her blog surfing. Apparently he has a Facebook page also. But I digress…
Anyway, I stumbled onto a college friend’s blog via the Ames'. Averi and I had a ton of classes together (we were both in the grueling College of Communications) and I really got a kick out of her – very witty and sarcastic, so naturally we got along. This site is a real treasure trove of dry – like vacuum sealed – humor and I make sure to check it out. Well, low and behold there are a ton of links to other people in these classes that I hadn’t thought about, much less heard about, in three or four years. So I was checking some of them out and found that many are private. And I gotta ask why...

Do I know you?: Seriously, this is the INTERNET. If you don’t want people to be in your business, why are you posting anything on it at all? It's like celebrities being upset when people photograph them. Just don’t be dumb with the info you put there. Like your address, or where you work or your social security number. Seriously people, if you only want family and close friends to know what’s going on, that’s why Al Gore invented email. I have Google Analytics on tracking traffic on my site and I get hits all the time from cities I have no friends or family in. And these people aren’t the one and done ones either.
So, taking a chapter from Brother Obama, I am going to have the audacity to hope that we, as bloggers, can change. As a token of good will, I’m going to give a shout out to frequent visitors whose names I do not know:

: I know the Sucher’s are in Littleton, but to you strangers in Englewood, Johnstown and Denver, may this blog only enhance your Rocky Mountain high.
Illinois (Chicago-area): Do not let the windiness of your fair city keep you away. PS – I love your hotdogs.
Kansas (Topeka): I really don’t know anything about Topeka. But if ignorance is bliss, I definitely love you.
Minnesota: May your visits continue to be as numerous as your lakes.
New York: From the capitol to the Big Apple, would I go private on you? Fuggedaboudit
Texas: Your state takes forever to drive across! But it does not change my affections for you.
Wyoming (Cheyenne/Warren AFB): I saw Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at Frontier Days in 97. And it's the state of my youth. Cowboy up.
O, Canada: There will be no security checks for you on this blog, my friends of the true north, strong and free.

There are many other anonymous readers scattered across this great land, from sea to shining sea, and may you all feel welcome and safe in the knowledge Cyber Commorancy will never go private.
But if you steal my identity or try and hurt my family, I will hunt you down and inflict pain upon you until you wish your were at the receiving end of my Winchester 12-gauge.


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Logan! Wow, that may have been your best post yet. And I'm not saying that just because I FINALLY got a shout-out. You raise so many good points, but especially about people going private. It's sooooo annoying! I've wanted to post something like your comments for awhile, but I'm worried I'd offend some folks since there are a handful of my links that are, in fact, private.

Like you said, what's the point when you PUT IT ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB?!?! If folks are so worried about stalkers and the likes thereof, then don't bother with a blog at all. Use email instead!

zach and keri said...

Logan you crack me up and I wished we all lived by each other so that I could sit and laugh at all of you guys (plus Zach still thinks he needs no other friends than all of you guys so we have none, but Arch and Shantay and gas is to freakin much to be drivin to Idaho Falls all the time). It was great talking to you the other day even though it was short. Thanks for the info. I think I must have slept funny because after awhile the pain went away.

Carrie said...

Hey Logan! So, I'm one of the faithful Canadian readers. (Linds' best friend..remember me? you better. We were in her and Nathan's bridal party together, I was the only non-family member)I totally agree with you . I think people who put security on their blogs are lame. Glad to see you and Paula (and totally cute Lydia ) continue to do well! Take care,

Nathan said...

Hey brotha, I've gotta add that that was a riotously funny post.

Nathan said...

And I wanted to weigh in on the democracy vs republic issue. Shout out to Mrs. Ames for linking a great article.
One important point the article touched on is the impact of the two forms on liberty. We hear so much about the virtues of spreading democracy throughout the world that we forget that democracy itself is not a worthy end. It certainly was not the end the Founders were seeking. The virtuous goal is liberty. Democracy tends to be an improvement over many totalitarian forms only because it tends to allow more liberty.
I'd rather live under an absolute monarch that protected my liberty than a democracy that wields the government as a weapon to impose its majority's will upon my own. Plus, you wouldn't have to wait in line to vote;).
The article said, echoing Tocqueville, that democracy's fatal flaw is its inherent subjectivism--that whatever the majority believes is right is, as far as can be determined, right; and since it is right, it is just to impose it upon the individual. Thus, democracy will ultimately lead to the tyranny of the majority.
So I say (echoing the only presidential candidate who actually stood for liberty) restore the Republic.

Averi said...

Logan! Man you're funny. Oh the good old days, we did have good times back in college :) Thanks for the blog shout out, even though I am pretty sure you are the one with natural wit and humor! I am just a bitter single woman working along... hee hee. I love reading your posts. You were pretty much born to write!