Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick Poll

Hey all. Just a quick post as I'm looking for some feedback.

It's election time (as you likely know unless you live in a cave or spend all your time watching 'The Hills' and have had your IQ reduced to that of a gnat) and as such I've decided to ask my three readers a political question:

"Would you prefer to live in a Democracy or a Republic?"
The poll is in the upper left hand corner of this blog. If you have additional comments regarding why you answered the way you did, leave them. The polls close on 5/1.

I know this was short, but I gotta go. 'The Hills' is about to come on and I want to know if there's any fallout from Heidi showing up at GOA when Lauren was there. I agree with Spencer - I refuse to feel bad for Heidi and I don't want to hear about her trips to clubs... especially ones that involve Lauren.


The Ames Family said...

Logan! Your comment made me laugh and yes you did a fantabulous job with all of the "phrases" I was quite impressed actually. Now to address the reason why you are no longer on my blog...I tried to go to some "cute background" website because I was tired of taking 2 hours out of my day everytime I want to change my background (digital scrapbooking is a joke) however when I changed it, it got rid of all of my widgits, so all of my blogs, websites etc. went away. So now im slowly in the process of putting them back on, and I'll go put yours on right now!

By the way, I've been wanting to talk to you lately because I'm worried I'm a democrat, and Arch basically wants to divorce me, he says he can't be married to a democrat. So I think I need someone to really explain some issues to me and help me get back on some solid ground...are you up for it?

Cardinals Fan in Denver said...

it appears my first comment didnt post. i didnt think the hills was your style, but the more i think of about it, you could live in the hills. you are very dramatic and way overpay for everything.

DAVE said...

While both are inspired and amazing institutions...I truly believe a democratic republic (USA) is ideal. However, if forced to choose one, I choose a republic. A true democracy would require us (the citizens) to vote on every single issue. A republic allows us to elect representatives to enact our decisions, thus making the government far more efficient and effective. The current US model of a democratic republic is ideal because it allows for efficiency through the service of elected officials, while voters can still take part in gov't decisions with recall, referendum, or other progressive vehicles.

The Ames Family said...

I really appreciated Dave's comment because it seems like people use the words republic and democracy interchangeably, which can be confusing to a person like me who doesn't really study/know much about our government. I've been trying to do more research, study and gain opinions on such matters recently and I'm glad you made me take the time to look it up and decide for myself what I really think. I found this article and I would be really interested to see what you think about it, if you have the time read it and let me know.