Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Small and White

About three weeks ago Paula and I watched The Sound of Music. I realize this admission challenges my masculinity, but before any smart comments are left, I have two things to say: first, I'd rather be known as one who watches The Sound of Music than The Hills or similar dross; second, it was a Sunday and in the Roberts household we try to keep it mellow on the Sabbath. Growing up, movies such as The Sound of Music or The Ten Commandments where the only approved television viewing and as I’ve reached adulthood, I’ve tried to maintain a level of television abstinence on Sunday, though occasionally there's been digression - particularly during football season.
Anyway, there’s this song on there called Edelweiss and it’s nice, though incidentally it is not German or Austrian in origin and was only written for the movie. Here are the lyrics:

Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white,
clean and bright
You look happy to meet me.
Blossom of snow
may you bloom and grow,
Bloom and grow forever.
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever.

Now, many of you might be wondering “Why is he posting this?” That’s good, because the plan was to lure you in with this off-the-wall intro.
The other week my Xbox 360 was returned – a moment of great joy in my life as it has been out of commission for a few months. It was a glorious moment and I have been enjoying the sound of music that meets my ears every time I turn it on. (You Xboxer’s know the sound of which I speak.)
As I’ve reflected on our reunion, my mind drifts to Captain Von Trapp and I raise my off pitch voice with his rich baritone in tribute to my special small and white emblem of joy:

My X-Box, My X-Box,
In the evenings you greet me.
Square and white,
Clean and bright
You look happy to meet me.
Hours of fun
Under moon or sun,
I could play forever.
My X-Box, my X-Box,
May my thumbs tire never.


Benji and Rypie said...

I don't know what to say... just thought I'd post a comment because I love the sound of music and you may have just defiled it. Just kidding. That was a clever song you have there. Hope to see you guys soon.

Cardinals Fan in Denver said...

I would like to hear you sing that in person. Perhaps, in the miracle our houses sell, I'll get an Xbox 360 to join your online fun and you can sing live there while you punch a hole in the wall after I relentlessly beat you in Madden '09.

Nathan said...

LOL. Really, I laughed out loud. That was great.

Loren, Nina and Ethan Mortensen said...

That was definitely my laugh of the day!

Shana said...

Well, well, well, I am glad to see that you are still a kid at heart.
I don't know if your lovely wife told you, but I posted a comment to your family blog page to say hello!
I stumbled onto your blog pages through Shannon Ames' blog page. I know, small world huh?
Anyway, thought I'd check it out and see what was going on with you?
Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! But, I'm partial to little girls.
Take care buddy!

Mormon Mama said...

Oh boy.

rachel b. said...

So, this is your cousin Rachel (Field) and I just have to say that I am at work (in the library) right now and had to work so hard to stifle my laughter that it was actually painful for a few moments. That was hilarious.

Averi said...

Umm, so I super love that song... and your version is pretty funny as well! You are one in a million logan! Hope all is well :)