Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The pics

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Camille Roberts.
She was born at 9:01AM. Paula pushed for a grand total of 10 minutes, so she came really fast once we started working on her. While she was descending, we knew she'd be long because her feet were still kicking Paula in the ribs! Wild, wild stuff.
You can compare Lydia to Camille by clicking here.

Here she is in all her newborn glory.

Look at that weight! The nurse asked if I wanted to guess the dimensions. I said 8 1/2 lbs and 21 inches. I was guessing large, but 8lbs 10oz was really surprising to both Paula and I. 11oz and 2 inches bigger than her big sister!

Mother and daughter shortly after Camille's bath - about an hour after she was born. Both are doing very well.

This one eye open is about the most we've seen of her big brown eyes. She's a sleeper, very much the opposite of Lydia who was very, very alert for the first few hours.

Another sleeping shot from this afternoon. She's been sleeping so soundly that we have to lean our ears down every once in a while to make sure she's breathing! It's wild.

Look at all that hair! No wonder Paula had heartburn day in and out. Camille's hair is darker and thicker than Lydia's; her back, shoulders and thighs are covered with it - our little Hobbit!


Nick and Megan said...

Absolutely Perfect and Beautiful! Enjoy this special day with your new little angel!

Averi said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! CONGRATULATIONS Logan. What a perfect addition to your family :)

Nathan said...

Congratulations again, everyone looks great!

Mormon Mama said...

Who ARE the grandparents of that beautiful child?

Shana said...

Can you believe how awesome child birth is!? Camille is just perfect!
I was laughing to myself when I read about her having a lot of hair all over and how you call her your Hobbit.
Alyssa was exactly the same way. I remember she had long dark hairs on the tops of her ears. I remember being so worried it wouldn't go away and everyone would make fun of her. :)Don't worry, it falls off pretty quickly.

Margaret said...

Congratulations, Logan, on the birth of another beautiful daughter!