Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New links

For those of you unaware, there are some links on the sidebar to various websites, previous posts and my profile. Until now, the links were rather mundane, allowing for only a few new experiences via Google News, Pandora and ESPN.
Good news friends! I've expanded the links! There are four new ones to explore! Fox News! My favorite's list from Pandora! Pic's of my nephew! The Colbert Report! Great speeches and movie quotes! Other stuff! In alphabetical order! Why am I using exclamation points after every sentence! I don't know!
Back to normalcy. Click away, explore new places and learn new things. Just another philanthropic endeavor from We look out for you, our readers.
Without you, who are we but a series of symbols thrown together to form words of the English language? Without you, what are we but another URL in a see of WWW? Without you, where are we but alone? Without you, why do we continually ponder and post and post and ponder? Without you, how do we live, without you; I want to know?
That's all of them I think...who what where why how...dang! I forgot where...
Stay classy, Planet Earth.