Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Ugh. I gotta say, I’m experiencing some fatigue. Seriously. Frustration fatigue. And these frustrations are mounting faster than illegal immigrants in the streets of Los Angeles. Coincidently, the subject matter of that analogy will lead off my list of frustrations.

  1. Let’s talk illegal immigration. It seems a lot of people are up in arms about this topic; I mean, if laws - the violation of which result in consequences - are instated to stem the tide of illegal immigration, what’s next? Laws preventing driving 85 in a 55? Preventing siblings marrying each other? I can see the legislative system in our country really just spiraling out of control. This has got to stop! Our lawmakers have no right to enforce the law! That’s not why we elect them! We put them in office to spend…wait. What’s that?
    I’ve just been told that illegal immigration is, in fact, illegal. That can’t be right. Why would everyone be so upset about stopping something that’s illegal? Come again? I was just informed going 85 in a 55 is illegal, as is marrying your sister. Hmm. I guess I shouldn’t be upset measures are being taken to enforce those laws to make sure those who come into our country do so legally. Never mind. Next subject…
  2. What’s the deal with people fussing over the Cynthia McKinney thing? So she broke protocol, avoided security, didn’t show the appropriate credentials and assaulted the officer who confronted her. Big deal. If the security at our buildings has to base who they let through on authenticated credentials and how a person looks, then the security guards should expect to be assaulted when they physically stop someone who doesn’t yield at their request. It’s not like she circumvented protocol and violated the rules. I mean seriously, I bet…wait. Come again? I don't believe you. Really? Hmm. Apparently it is against the rules to go around security; if you are a congressperson you are supposed to be wearing credentials. And if the security guard asks you to stop you should. What? Right. A person should hit a security guard, run away and lock themselves in their office. Who knew? Apparently I am wrong again. Next topic…
  3. In Gwinnett County here in Georgia, Judge Mark A. Lewis has the audacity to stand in his courtroom and recite the Pledge of Allegiance prior to proceedings in his courtroom. Thankfully, attorney George Weissman has taken the initiative to put the stop to anything ‘indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ This is the United States of America, and as Weissman points out, it would be wrong to have court attendees “either declare their personal loyalty to this nation…or suffer the risk that they may be treated differently.” Lewis blatantly shows this bias every time he says ‘liberty and justice for all’ in his courtroom. Furthermore, Weissman echoes the sentiments of every American when he says “It is offensive to me as a citizen of the United States and it is objectionable to me as an attorney sworn to uphold the laws and constitutions of the United States and Georgia and as an officer of the Court that you apparently consider your Judicial forum to be an American Court, rather than a Court for all persons situated in America.” Yeah, where does Lewis think he is, America? Who’s law does he think he represents and upholds, America’s? No! He doesn’t because this….Wait. This is America. Judges make judgment and criminals are tried under American law. By standing and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, Lewis shows those in his courtroom he will follow the laws prescribed by the greatest, fairest country in the world and they are presumed innocent until proven guilty. He’s pledging his allegiance to that end.
Apparently I have nothing to be fatigued or frustrated about. My bad. Sorry for venting about what turns out to be nothing.
Stay classy, Planet Earth