Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Scalpel, Island, Murder, Words and Sleep

I was recently chastised for using the word 'boring' to describe my life. Allow me now to rephrase: my life is simplified. I think that more accurately describes my current situation. I have a home, a companion, a job, a schedule...all things that had never been alligned before in my life. Prior to this time in my life, I was always searching for one of the missing items and as such it created a lot more havoc and crazy adventures. Plus I lived with Zach, Arch and the Nerf.
Now, life is simpler, more predictable. With the exception of things like having organs removed, life is normal. Monday's are home evening; Tuesday has House at 9; Wednesday is Lost and the Amazing Race; Thursday is CSI; Friday and Saturday are the weekend; Sunday is the Sabbath. These are the hallmarks of each day, the little things I look forward to. Interspersed throughout these guarantee's are the other things that make life interesting: the occasional crisis, an unexpected expense, a great book (currently 1776), a good movie, a little trip, evening's with friends. It's all good.
Sad or simple, Paula and I's favorite day of the week is Wednesday because of Lost. It is our favorite show, garnished with all the trimmings that make any show worth watching. Our viewing pleasure began when I purchased the first season on DVD in an effort to get Paula to stay up past 8pm. The plan worked like clockwork - Rolex style - and we were hooked. The problem was that I'd purchased it too late; the second season had started, so we consigned ourselves to wait until the end of the second season and purchase it on DVD.
The fates smiled upon us, my friends. iTunes sells individual episodes of Lost and I purchased enough to catch us up. And now we look forward to Wednesday's with eager anticipation each week, to see what awaits the ill-fated members of Oceanic flight 815. Tomorrow Jack confronts "the others". I can hardly stand the excitement!