Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dr. Phil And Wildcats

I watch Dr. Phil.
There. I've said it. It's in the open.
It's funny what is borne of having only an antenna; I read more, have begun exercising, my wife and I have conversations, I haven't watched any NBA basketball all's incredible. One of these things is that Dr. Phil has entered my life. I get home from work at around 5pm and that's when the Dr. is on; nothing else worth watching over the antenna is on at that time. At least nothing I'd watch. But that's what I said about Phil.
Anyway, earlier this week Phil was talking to some guy who is overly demanding of his wife - everything has to be perfect and he never acknowledges her or anything. A demanding person who gives nothing back. The marriage is on the ropes, yada yada yada. Your basic dysfunctional marriage. Anyway, Big Phil had some women move into the house for three days and reverse the roles (being demanding, degrading and ungrateful). They bossed him around and stuff. One comment that was made regarded women and men being equal. This has made me think. Yeah, you're freaked out. Don't worry about it.
I'm not a fan of the Women's Lib movement. Not at all. I think it has done more to hurt women than help them. This isn't because I think women should be subserveant to their husbands or that men should never pick up a dish rag and clean. It's because it has blurred the line that should seperate men and women. Being equal is being interpretted as being the same. I don't think this should be. Case in point:
The Northwestern women's soccer team has been suspended from play because of recent photos that show 'hazing' or 'initiation'. A lot of inappropriate stuff going on. I haven't seen the pictures but I've read an article or two. People are shocked and upset at this. Why? Is this really that shocking, considering the bra-burning of Hanoi-Jane Fonda and CO. events which transpired to set the stage for this? In the name of equality and setting right past injustices, society has planted in women aspirations to be like men. I thought the women's lib movement was about progression, not digression. But in all seriousness, the virtues of manhood have been extolled and promoted while the negative realities and shortcomings the male track record over thousands of years has been minimized.
Since the beginning of time, when men have met in groups and have behaved badly: they get drunk, they get loud, they say stupid things and do bad things and if a female shows up, basic and degrading comments (and actions) occur. Anyone ever heard the phrase 'men behaving badly'? Yeah. The greatest deterant to this juvenile behavior has been the leveling influence of women.
As Jason Whitlock of's Page 2 said, "...why shouldn't we celebrate the fact that the Northwestern women's soccer team is doing the same thing (as men)? I'm serious. Why isn't this seen as progress? Women in large groups now behave just as poorly as men."
The reason people are upset is because deep down, we as a society don't want women to be the same as men. Why would we wish this on humanity? Why would a person want their daughter to be like this? Their girlfriend? Their wife? It's L-U-D-I-C-R-O-U-S. (That's the real spelling. The rapper's name is spelled incorrectly. Hopefully on purpose.) Seriously. A woman is more sensitive, more perceptive of people and feelings, more fashionable; they smell better, look better and less prone to violence than a man. Women aren't the same as men.
I hope they never are.

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