Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shout Out: The Sound

I used to do shout outs - Zach and Archie, Nathan, Papa K, Mark - but have not done any such thing for a while now. Well, here's the latest. And it's not to a person. It's to a sound.
A chorus of male voices; a symbol's crash; electric guitar rising to a sharp crescendo; a steady beat of a war drum leads the ensemble forward. It instills fear and dread into women - wives and girlfriends are especially haunted by it. Men either smile or become giddy with excitement and anticipation; those familiar only by name simply shrug. This sound has ushered in hours and hours of therapeutic male-bonding; it brings men together to compete ferociously in a controlled environment.
Arch, Zach, Nerf, Crozz, Chris, T-Boz, Bean, T-Rav, F-Rock, Butcher, Shields, Andy, Muncie, Grover, Kyle, Brandon, Greg, Travis's roommate who liked pink, Brennan, Reed, Kevin, Mitch, Bryce...and any other fella's I've fought with, laugh at, sworn at, gotten mad at and flat our worked over: For all about to defend the universe - I salute you. Play on. Play on.

And here's a bonus track.


Rachell said...

I played this music while Will was sleeping and he slept right through it. You're definitely right...only males would appreciate this music.

Anonymous said...

I just worked over my roomates in another game, and the gy that likes to wear pink is kenny. I worry about that!

Anonymous said...

I have just spent two hours reading your blogs instead of doing my homework.

Anonymous said...

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