Thursday, July 06, 2006

Story Time

A story: Miriam had four children and no daughters after a decade of marriage. She wanted a little girl to dress up and go shopping with and stuff that girls do. Then Rachell was born and Miriam had a daugther; after a few years of incessant screaming (For NO apparent reason; her brothers never provoked her. She was just a screamer.) and a monopoly on the photo album worthy of an anti-trust suit, us boys embraced Rachell as family and there's been mostly peace and contentment ever since.
After a quarter century of marriage, Miriam still had only one daughter to go with five boys. Then in August of 2004, a miracle happened: Nathan got married! No one really saw it coming and it was a testament to the virtues of fasting and prayer. Now Miriam had two daughters - Rachell and Lindsay - and she loved them both. Then, like manna from heaven, another miracle more astounding than the first happened: Logan got married! Pegged as the brother who would be the favorite uncle with all the toys as a perrenial bachelor, the common comment was: "Has anyone actually met this girl? He's not making this up, right?" Now Miriam had three daughters - Rachell, Lindsay and Paula - and she loved them all.
Now, for the third time in just over two years, Miriam will have four daughters: Benjamin is getting married! Not sure whether Ben even liked girls, everyone is thrilled (and relieved). Now Miriam will have four daughters - Rachell, Lindsay, Paula and Ryanne - and she'll love them all. The End.

(Ladies of the Roberts clan, L-R: Ryanne, Rachell, Lindsay, Paula)
But seriously, congrats to Ben and Ryanne on their engagement! They are going to be married on November 24, 2006 in Mesa, Arizona for time and all eternity.

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"a monopoly on the photo album worthy of an anti-trust suit..." ha ha.