Monday, October 02, 2006


Holy crap. I can't believe it. It's a little weird, to be completely honest. Off and on for the past five years I've tinkered with it and a couple months ago I made a goal to finish the rough draft by the first of October. A day late, but it is done. There's a beginning, a middle, an end and 224 pages of single-spaced Times Roman 12 point font in between. (548 pages of uneditted publisher copy.) One of my friends mentioned that's a lot. I said that was before they took out the parts that weren't any good. He said like 10 pages then. I said 1, with a big picture on it.
Yeah, it might just be plain no good. I don't know. But the rough draft is done.
Just thought you should know.

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Nathan and Lindsay Roberts said...

Where do I get a copy? Spent a few hours last summer reading it and now I need some answers!
Congratulations. I'm excited to read it!