Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pictures: My Nemesis

Much to my dismay, we had a team picture at work today. I’ve never been a fan at staged, set pictures. Never. A root canal minus Novocain sounds equally appealing to me. I don’t know why I’m so opposed to such things. I guess if I am supposed to look good and don’t, there isn’t the excuse like when goofing around.
I have the notoriety of ruining a picture for120+ people. Let me take us all back almost 10 years ago to a little place called Wyoming in a little town called Cheyenne. For those of you who have been failed by the government monopoly of public schools, Cheyenne is the capital of Wyoming. I was there with 120 or so male high school students as part of Boys State; no, it’s not something for delinquent youth (at least that’s not its design). A couple guys from each high school in the state are chosen to go and spend a week learning about various forms of government. They divide everyone into two ‘political’ parties and each guy has to run for some kind of public office and I chose secretary of state. At the end of the week, you go on this huge bus trip to Cheyenne and meet with your real-life counterpart.
Anyway, I won and Secretary of State was one of the big five positions (Governor, Lt. Governor, Sec. of State and two others) so in the picture take on the Capital steps, I was in front. Well, I wore a white shirt and tie while everyone else was in a dark suit. (I missed the memo) And I posed with my hands on my hips, feet shoulder width apart - Superman style - with a big, stupid smile. Needless to say 120 mothers were not happy, including mine.
Also in high school, I was a yearbook editor and our crew ruled the roost. In the 1997-98 yearbooks, there are a dozen or so ‘Where’s Waldo’ pictures with Nick, Nathan, Bryan or me (mostly Nick) in the background. It was awesome. It is awesome.


Paula said...

why do you have to ruin pictures? it just makes you have to take more. doesn't that just defeat the purpose?

Ms. Roberts said...

Logan, is there something in your shirt? like a book or something?