Monday, March 05, 2007

Attractions of Logantown, Cubiclia , ING

I'd like to welcome you all to a little place just off the beaten path, near the corner of 9-5 and just past the Corporate Crossroads. Some call it a cubicle. I call it my Home-Away-From-Home-Monday-Thru-Friday-Except-For-Federal-Holidays, or H.A.F.H.M.T.F.E.F.F.H. for short. But you can call it Logantown ('s too local, so no).
As many of you will never get a chance to get your passport stamped and visit here, there are a few local attactions in Cubiclia I'd like to share with you. (Pictures pending the battery in the camera being charged. This happens everytime I go somewhere exciting! ARGHH!!)

The Picture. Standing resolutely at my 1 o’clock is a simple aide memoire of our commitment, love, and devotion; I look upon it with fondness daily – a black and white picture of Paula and me from our wedding day. A simple glance often unleashes a tide of memory from that special day: how stunning she looked; how lucky I felt; the joy of sharing the day with friends and family; forgetting the ring; I should have had a hair cut; it wasn’t cheap; evidently I am...crap. It also reminds me to not forget my ring sitting next to my laptop; I hate how it clicks on my keyboard.

The Remnant. Sitting on the shelf at my 5 o’clock rests a piece of history, rescued from the sinewy grasp of yesteryear. In times such as these, it is paramount that we remember what made this nation great and what made us proud to be Americans, where at least we knew we were free. It is a memento of prominence, accomplishment and success; additionally, it reminds us that our past, our present and our future are all part of that great whole that some of us call aeternus, or in layman terms…eternity. What, you ask, rests in blissful serenity at my cinco? It is known in the Greek as “kommati apo dikos mou palios aftokinito porta”, better known to us as “piece of my old car door.”

The Toy. Immediately to my right (3 o’clock high) is a cryptic device which has led to the downfall of many great men; it is the modern day Gordian Knot; it is…the Rubik’s Cube. Invented by Hungarian Erno Rubik in 1974, the Cube hit the market in 1980 and has gone on to record great feats: It is attributed with the downfall of communism in the mid 1980’s; it is the most sold toy in the history of the world; it has single-handedly been responsible for the ostracizing more men from women than acne and cracking voices combined.

The Inspiration. (Keeping with the “o’clock” theme) At my 12 is a picture of excellence, of a man that embodies success and emboldens the timid. He teaches us about excellence. What makes a work environment excellent? Well, there are many things, I believe, that do such of thing of that nature. And one would be humor. Additionally, we learn the virtues of racial harmony, that diversity is the cornerstone of progress; from his lips we gain a truer appreciation of equality as he taught through the words of President Abraham Lincoln: “If you are a racist, I will attack you with the North.”
Who is this mystery man of wisdom, this enigma of greatness? Only Michael Gary Scott, that bold and intrepid leader who directs his troops into the depths of disaster time and time again, only to return in glorious triumph from the brink to teach us the aspirations all leaders should embrace: a friend first, a boss second, and probably and entertainer third. Pearls of great price, words of infinite wisdom…

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Lindsay said...

Logan--I love you. I enjoy reading your blog so much. You are truly gifted.