Monday, March 19, 2007


There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes that there’s gotta be something more; that as good as life is, there is one little thing missing which would otherwise complete the circle. I had such an epiphany a month or two ago and it ate at me until I could bear it no more. I had to confess the lustful intentions of my heart to my sweet wife.
I broached the subject one day as Paula and I were driving in the car.

ME: “Hey babe, um…there’s something I need to tell you. It’s been weighing pretty heavily on my mind for the past week or two.”
HER: “What is it?”
“Well…I don’t know how to say it. I’m a little nervous about how you’ll react. I don’t want to upset you, but I can’s stop thinking about it.
Nervous tone: “What? Is everything okay?”
Deep inhale, slow and measured exhaling: “I don’t know. Basically, I guess I need to just come out and say it…even though this might be difficult for you to hear.”
No talking, just a nervous look
“I want an Xbox 360.”
Rolling of the eyes.

Well, after several excruciating weeks of deliberation, saving, planning and brooding, I became the proud new owner of an Xbox 360 Premium system w/ 20GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, a sweet game and a two year service warranty. I’m not going to reveal the final cost, but suffice it to say, I only went over my budgeted amount by $25. And considering that’s the difference the warranty cost I don’t think it’s a bad thing.
I’m super excited but not to the degree Paula is. She’s ecstatic about it. It’s ridiculous. I can hardly keep her off the thing; when I’m trying to get her to do things around the house she just keeps saying ‘In a minute. I’ve just got to get to the next checkpoint.’ And I tell her that if she doesn’t prioritize, we’re getting rid of it. Seriously…she’s addicted.
I made a point to buy an extra controller because as fun as it is to play, it’s more fun to game with someone else; Will and I are anxiously engaged in saving the world from being overrun being a demon horde right now. Don’t worry – we got it under control. You may rest well knowing that Marcus and Dominic aren’t going to rest until the world is safe.
But it hasn’t taken me away from being a good husband – check it out:
On Saturday, I helped baby sit Everett, did three loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, went grocery shopping and made dinner. So don’t think I’m slacking; if anything it’s made me a better husband. Because not only do I protect my wife and unborn child from the demon horde, but I also make sure all my chores are done (and a little more to buy me some points) so there’s no reason not so be able to fire up the white box of joy.
Then I call Will and say: “Save the world at 9?”
Replies Will: “Game on.”


Lindsay said...

Logi-After much deliberation, Rach and I have just recently decided that you are hilarious. There is a certain and distinct hilarium about you. We enjoy you very much. Thanks for the continued entertainment you provide two lonely and bored sisters.
Love-Rinds and Lach

The Ames Family said...

Logan- what can i say, this hits a little to close to home. I too rolled my eyes when my husband says to me "Umm wife.... i've been thinking really hard about this, and i know your probably going to be really mad about this, but i've decided that this is for the best... i want to keep my xbox 360." As you probably know, he got the xbox 360 for free from work, but with the intentions to take it back to walmart and trade it in for a video camera... ya know because we're having a baby and thought that her magical moments should be recorded. But that wonderful "white box of joy" just sat in our living room tempting him beyond his limits, until the point where he just couln't take it anymore. I guess i should be grateful, because now the world is a safer place -- that is until next time when the locus (spelling?)decide to invade my saturday's (and nightly) activities. Could you just do me one little favor Log, could you tell arch about how you continue to do the chores and help out your sweet wife before saving the world from demons and locus and whatever else the world is invaded with??? That would be simply fabulous!

P.S. for the record... your blog continues to make me laugh--i know i can always count on your blog to lift my spirits, and for that i thank you.