Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It was my birthday about a week ago. The big 26, not that that denotes 'big' as an adjective, but...anyway, it was good. I've never been much of a birthday celebrater. I don't think it has anything to do with the proximity of my birthday to Christmas, but rather where my birthday fell in regards to finals week at college. Every year at school there wasn't a whole lot of time to acknowledge the day of my birth and create a bunch of hoopla about it. People - not me by any means because if people were as involved with finals as I was there would have been plenty of time for celebration - were so consumed with finals, getting home for the holidays and the college bowl season that there was a little room for more than a happy birthday.
So, like Pavlov's dog I have become conditioned to minimal birthday acknowledgements. The fact I'm in the real world - not that the other one was fake - and have a significant other, I am having to get accustomed to celebrations and being asked what I want to do. I think Paula got frustrated more than once with my lack of input (What do you want to do? Uh, I don't know) but it turned out all good. We went to this Italian place called Maggiano's and it was great. I had this fish that just melted in your mouth - un-freakin-believable! Got some sweet gifts (wallet, cufflinks, the complete 5th season of Seinfeld, power drill), had a great time and it pretty much just rocked.