Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The first day

I'm not really sure why I am doing this for sure. I believe it is a combination of things I like: Seinfeld, writing, computers. Put that all together and you have a blog: A website about nothing.
I've just moved to Georgia from, well, Wyoming. That's where I spent my youth and where my folks still live. I haven't lived there since 1998 when I graduated from high school. I've just recently moved to Atlanta and that's the necessary background for where today's blog is coming from.
Tomorrow my license expires. As is my custom I waited till the absolutely last moment to go one of the most dreaded places known to man - the DMV. There was this one lady just pitchin' a fit that people who got a number after her were getting in one of the 10 lines before her number was being called. The woman was a shrew; that is my assessment. As if the lady in front can escort her to the front of the line and say "Here, ma'am, why don't you just be the exception in years of a low and painful experiences."
Well, my number - F667 - was finally called and I went to counter 18. It was fairly pain free until I was told the my license is SUSPENDED! Yeah, that's right - evidently I've been a fugitive from the law for the past nine months. Valley City, North Dakota. North Dakota! I remember the ticket well; what I don't remember is not paying for it. A cold December morning, Christmas Eve day driving home I get pulled over and cited a $25 speeding ticket. That's the thing that's crazy, that's ironic - I would have paid a $25 ticket and not fought it, which is probably why I forgot to pay it. It's worth speeding for that price. If it had been like the $225 two-in-one combo I got as a sophomore in high school for speeding and passing in a no-passing zone, it'd of left an indelible imprint on my mind and wallet. But this got lost in the shuffle of life and now it's gonna cost me $25 to the good people of Valley City, $50 to my peep's in WYO, and the 37 cents to a postal service I haven't used in a year.
So after loggin 20,000 miles, driving from Frannie WY to Sac-town CA, back to the last frontier (WY) and onto Atlanta with stops in Minnesota, Nashville and Augusta, I find out my license isn't worth the plastic it's on. The irony of it all is I'll get pulled over on my way to work tomorrow.