Monday, January 22, 2007

Circle of Trust

The other day I was talking to one of my old roommates; it had been a couple months and he told me he and his wife are pregnant. A lot of people are having kids; I guess there's always a lot of people having children, but it just seems like there are more lately because I'm at that age where all my friends are married and moving forward with their lives. (For examples of people I know who are pregnant, click here or here)
Anyway, Jeff was saying how it was tough keeping it underwraps because his mother-in-law liked to tell tons of people, even though they asked her not to; Jeff then said that he's booted Kim's mom out of the Circle of Trust. For those of you who aren't familiar with the roots of the "Circle of Trust", it comes from the movie Meet the Parents. In honor of that conversation and to help you understand what's going on, I give you the "Circle of Trust" clip. Just click below and a new window will open up. (This is a clean clip.)

Anyway, the whole conversation just got me to thinking about what's going to happen when Paula gets fed up enough with teaching high school and we have a couple bucks and decide to do this whole pregnant thing. I mean, I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to pull a Steve Young and be attending my kids graduation when I'm 70...though being a multi-millionaire could dull the pain. But anyway, the fact of the matter, one day we're going to start a family. Will those in my circle of trust blab it to the world? Will they betray my trust?
This Judas/Brutus will probably be one of the ladies in the circle, because women talk alot. Serious. Case in point, my wife gets like a thousand more hits on her blog than I do. Why? Possibly because her life is more interesting than mine; or, she's tapped into the XX-chromosone network and hundreds of women around the world want to know what she's up to even though they don't know her and vice versa. It's the same reason women write gossip columns: it is part of the chemical make up of the fairer sex . It's science.
I'm a patient man - that's what 26 years of abstinence will do to you - but if someone breaks the circle, I'll put them back outside the circle; and once they're out they're out, there's no coming back. Because if I find that someone is trying to corrupt the announcement of my first-born child, I will bring them down, baby; I will bring them down to Chinatown.

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Mama Miriam said...

It won't be THIS XX chromosomal carrier who breaks the Circle!