Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year, Same Ramblings

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! (Embracing yet another aspect of my interracial marriage.) We bid a fond farewell to 2006 while looking forward with anticipation towards 2007 and its mysterious mysteries. I’ve heard some say this is the year of Bond (007) and based on the most recent addition to the franchise. I might hop on that wagon.
Anyway, whatever. This is going to be a rambling post (if you couldn’t tell that from the initial paragraph you haven’t hit up this blog much) so brace yourselves.


The entire day was devoted to a little game I like to call football. (Apparently other people like to call it that, too, because I see it everywhere.) I participated in a game where I ended up covered in mud and grass; I was embarrassed on a couple of plays and had a couple glimpses of dormant athleticism with a pair of picks and a trio of scores. I expected more from the 12-13 year olds I played against, but what do you do? (kidding)
After hitting the shower, the next 12 ½ hours were devoted to watching large, muscular young men – many from dysfunctional families – play the game at a slightly higher level. And I’ve got to tell you, I witnessed the greatest football game in the history of the game. Seriously. I never thought I’d root for Boise State, but at 1:00am I let out a shout in a darkened apartment, yelling “You’re kidding me!!!” as Ian Johnson took the two point conversion into the endzone for the climactic OT win.
And yet again the BS in BCS is even more pronounced (Check out Pat Fordes column)

So, how about that year 2006? Wow. In January I had my appendix removed…without being insured; February I got the bill; March I was married (finished out that engagement); April my brother-in-law became engaged to my ex-girlfriend (didn’t see that coming); May = Drama; June our apartment was burglarized (the angriest I’ve been since Zach hit me in the face with a cell phone, 2003); August I was put in a bishopric in a ward I’d been in for 4 ½ months; September-October endured job uncertainty; November trekked across these United States to Ben and Ryanne’s wedding via automobile; December lost The Buck to an unfortunate accident (Semper Fi…Semper Fi) and had to buy a new car; spent Christmas in NYC; other stuff.
Can the Year of Bond top it? Probably. And I want it shaken, not stirred.

This song is by Stone Sour. The lead singer is Corey Taylor, former lead man for a group called Slipknot (angry music). It’s called Through Glass and I like it. A lot.

In closing, I leave you with the self-identifying words of a great American…“Goodbye.”