Friday, February 03, 2006


Ha ha ha. I've made an interesting discovery: My rantings and ravings receive little acknowledgement when concerned with the observational or philisophical; however, if I start naming names the comments begin to flock like the salmon of Capastrano. I mean swallows. Is it possible I'm not as wise as I think I am? No, that can't be it....
Entry '6 Degrees to My Biznas' was written with a two-fold purpose: recount a tale I found (in retrospect) humorous and try to get to the bottom of the story since Natalie G is being tight lipped about her sources. (thanks future sister-in-law) The latter purpose is going well. Someone identified only as 'The Alleged #5' (I can't figure out who it is) offered a large variety of possible tattlers and I highly recommened reading his theories as found by clicking on the 'Comments' link under the afore mentioned posting. Hilarious and a very good read.
I guess I'll have to mention actual names more often because the commenting is most enjoyable. Like there was this one time when Dave, Jesse and I were out on the town and the liquor started flowing like water. Well, we sent to this strip club and