Monday, February 27, 2006

Shout out: Miriam ‘Mom’ Roberts

What can you say about the woman who brought you into this world? Thanks, I guess. Somehow that doesn’t quite cover it all, nor is a blog the most prestigious of environments; additionally, a written text is a bit intimidating to a woman who graduated with a degree in English. Well, break or bust, here it is.
Mom (as she is known in some circles…one circle, but anyway…) was whisked away to Northern Wyoming a couple years after marrying Shane (aka, Dad), basically the kind of town every little girl grows up dreaming of. She gave up the world’s honor and toys for the unsung honor of staying at home, raise six children – at one point four of them boys 6 years old and younger – had cookies when after-school hunger attacked, values when the world attacked, tissues for when life attacked, and discipline when attitude attacked.
Any woman can have a child, not every woman is willing to be a mother. Glitz, glamour, gifts and gain forsaken for six children’s countless tears, laughter, scraped knees, broken hearts and rebellious adventures. No accolades, no prestige; just love, prayers and hope God fills in the gaps where mortality tripped you up.
So, here’s a shout out to Mom: friend, teacher, example. Paraphrasing one of the greatest songwriters of our time, Mr. Vanilla Ice, “Word to [my] mother.”