Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Home Sick

That's right. It came on all sudden like last night around 12:15. I upchucked 4 times in the course of the night, though the last one at 4:45ish this morning was more of just a dry heave. So, I'm sitting here in my apartment, without my entertainment (xbox - doubles as my dvd player - is with Ty) and TV comes via the antenna.
The silver lining of last night's festivities was that I was able to catch the end of the Orange Bowl, around the time the OT's started is where I caught up. Sloppy game but plenty of drama at the end.
I've caught up on rest this morning and my stomach is feeling better. This afternoon I've just been organizing some pics on my computer and I signed up at iTunes. Yeah, I have started to pay for my music. I don't mind paying for the songs I want, especially at just 99cents a pop. I picked up "Scars"(Papa Roach), "Blue on Black" (Kenny Wayne Shepherd), "Freak of the Week" (Marvelous 3), "I Want You to Want Me" (Cheap Trick), "Helena" (My Chemical Romance), "Epic" (Faith No More), and "Beverly Hills" (Weezer). $7, seven songs I like. Not bad, though I just now realized how many I actually bought which is more than I thought. Oh well.