Friday, January 20, 2006

Shout out: Paul 'Papa K' Kilgore

Disclaimer: This is not to try to gain points with the future in-laws. Seriously. If you knew the whole story you'd know that they fell in love with before Paula did.
That being said, my shout out goes to this man, Paul Kilgore. What evoked this entry stems from last night. I swing by the house and he says, 'I read your blog today' and I laugh and ask 'Whatcha think' and he says 'You've got too much time on your hands.' That's about what I expected.
Papa K is from Cardiff, Alabama (near Birmingham) and bleeds Crimson. (note the attire in the picture) He flies a flag for the Crimson Tide on game days; dresses from head to toe in Crimson (I'd call it red but have been informed 'It's not red. Georgia's red. Tide's Crimson') and grey for each game - not to attend, just to watch on tv. It is truly a religious experience. He served in Vietnam, fixes nearly anything, can crucify you at trivial pursuit, starts most stories with 'Well, uh, you know the Bear, he, uh...', and has a friend named Gene who owns a mechanics shop. Gene is sort of like Kramer's friend Bob Sacamano - Papa K talks about him all the time but no one's ever seen him. So, Papa K, here's a shout out to you. A guy couldn't ask for a better father-in-law. Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

that picture terrifies me to the core. i can't sleep at night with that image burned upon my retinas.

Mr. Roberts said... must wonder which picture on this post is terrifying - Paul or the Tide?