Friday, January 06, 2006


According to the dictionary, this word means "a social gathering often for the purpose of extending a formal welcome". Something's been mixed up along the way because who's receiving who? Are the guests receiving the couple or vice versa? It seems to me the newlyweds are formally welcoming the guests.
A fictional illustration:
There is a party being held by a couple people Bill knows, people who are friends of friends. Bill really has no relationship with the hosts, but his girlfriend Denise knows the guy, Dusty but they aren't close. Denise doesn't really care for his wife, Lea. All indications point to the party being an unorganized, poorly thought out event. Denise was casually invited but was not asked to RSVP. Even so, Bill and Denise will have to dress up for the event on a weekend night. There is a sneak preview of a movie both Bill and Denise want to see at the time the party is supposed to be going on.
Should they go? It's a simple question; a baby could answer it: NO. Parties are supposed to be fun and people shouldn't have to go a one that is definetly going to stink.
So why go to a reception (a formal party) if it is going to be BORING. The answer is don't. There is a man who knows this. His name is Larry Howick. This is a shout out, Big Lar, to you and all you stand for. If you don't have a healthy relationship with at least one of the people throwing the party - holding the reception - don't subject yourself to misery.
So why do we go? Tradition. And women. That's why I see Big Lar at these things; that's why I'll be at this thing.

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