Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The XYZ on XY and XX

I love working in a project room! The discussions are "both compelling and rich", provide for some wonderful blogging material.
We had a discussion the other day about women and men and the differences. Here are some I have noted throughout the years.
XY: When going on a trip, a man makes note of how many days the trip will be; next he will determine the nature of events planned and plausible; following this simple analysis he packs accordingly. Three day trip: Two pairs of shoes – one business, one pleasure; two-three shirts; two-three pairs of pants; three pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear.
XX: When going on a trip, a woman makes note of hominy days the trip will be; next she will determine the nature of events planned, plausible, possible, remotely possible, possible if meeting a movie star, possible under condition of planetary alignment and possible if meeting the man-of-your-dreams-and-going-to-Vega-to-get-married; following this complicated analysis she pack accordingly. Three day trip: Ten-twelve pairs of shoes – three brown (stiletto heel, flat, pump) three black (stiletto heel, flat, pump), three green (stiletto heel, flat, pump) three red (stiletto heel, flat, pump), three blue (stiletto heel, flat, pump); ten-twelve shirts (see shoes); ten-twelve pants (see shoes);…yada yada yada, you’re paying extra for because the luggage outweighs the limit.
XY: Depending on his profession, a man needs two colors of shoe – black and brown – and at most two of each; a pair of athletic shoes; maybe one more for a miscellaneous occasion. Total number of shoes: four-six.
XX: Depending on her profession…no, it doesn’t matter. A woman would not hesitate to have 40-60 pairs of shoes and there would still be different shoes ‘needed’ for other outfits. Women will buy shoes and leave them in the closet with the tag for months. I am not making this up; I’ve heard this from multiple girls, not the Paris Hilton-types either. Real girls, like your sister, girlfriend or wife. Check the closet. The unworn shoe is there.
(See Shoes)
XY: XY”s first questions are: “Is it needed? Is it comfortable? Will it get the job done?” If all of these questions are answered in the affirmitive it will be purchased. If some are answered in the affirmative, more thought will go into it. If none of the questions are answered in the affirmative, the item will not be purchased.
XX: XX’s first questions are: “How does it look? Does it match? Can I accessorize?” If all of these questions are answered 'Good, Yes, Yes' it will be purchased. If some but not all are answered in this way, it will not be purchased. If none of the questions are answered in the affirmative, the item will not be approached, and definetly not purchased.

So basically, there are a couple of observations. I am not saying women are bad or dumb or inferior to man; I don’t believe that. As a rule, women are prettier (more aesthetically pleasing), and smell better than men. They are beautiful and wonderful. But they’re thought process and decisions are not based on reason and logic.


Anonymous said...

I disagree when most women shop, they shop with their eyes and if they like the item enough then they buy. I think thats good reason and pure logic without all the specifics.

Mr. Roberts said...

I appreciate the comment. Very suscienct (sp?) and to the point. I suppose one person's very of logic and reason varies from another.
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