Friday, January 06, 2006

Shout-out: Archie 'Slam' Ames and Zach 'Cack' Shoemaker

Arch is on the left, Zach on the right. Don't be fooled by this picture: Archie isn't constipated and they aren't usually this docile. These two are old roommates from my days at the 'I' and are two of the greatest friends a guy could ask for. Example:
Zach hit me in the face with a cell phone; Arch stored cow stomach in our kitchen. They drove my car over 100mph while hauling a trailer with a motorcycle from Denver to Idaho, losing my gas cap but 'acquiring' another from a similar vehicle.
Both are happily married (pleasantly suprising); both will graduate in April (plain shocking); both are still alive (flat-out amazing); both are good friends (gratifying).
So, here's to the potato gun incident, the coffee table debaucle, shizzle mayem @ the fire tunnel, Ghetto Life2, Halo havoc, Blitz beatings, kitchen fires, SuperBowl wingfest and the grizz. Fellas, this blog's for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Log, I'm honored.

Anonymous said...

Thats some serious "SHIZZLE MAYHEM." There's nothing like the good ol' college days. Oh wait a minute i'm still in college and it sucks now cuz the LTrain left. We will meet again though and he will probably lose to me at Blitz like he ussually did.